Who Wears Jean Shorts?

Every year I struggle to find the perfect pair of jean shorts. I like them a little longer, movable, and affordable. This year I have found some great pairs, I thought I would share. Click on pictures or links to shop! I am a size 6, size 28, or medium.

Amazon Jean Shorts

I did not expect these to be as good as they were! They are stretchy and affordable! They have a frayed end to them.

Target- Wild Fable Jean Short

These are easily a 2020 favorite. They are longer in the back. They have a great deal of rips and uniqueness to them. They are under $20!

American Eagle Jean Shorts

The ones I am wearing are from this year. I bought a similar pair from American Eagle last year but they were shorter. These are more like athletic shorts with a drawstring.

Old Navy Boyfriend Shorts

These are my all-time favorite for the fit. I love that they are bit baggy. I like the different destroyed looks. They have a 3.5 inch inseam so I like that too.

Abercombie and Fitch Jean Short

These were my favorite from 2019. They fit is amazing. They are a little more pricier. You cannot beat the uniqueness of these shorts.

Target- Universal Thread Jean Short

These are very comfortable and cute. They come in different colors too. I thought these would be an easy find for most too.

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