What's In My Teacher Bag...

Being an elementary school teacher, I always have my keys, badge, band-aids, pens, markers, etc. in my bag. But here are some other ideas to always have in your teacher bag.

1. My Erin Condren planner- This hold my lesson plans, student data, schedules, curriculum map, and so much more. There's always that urgent/unplanned meeting, and this is perfect to grab and go.

2. Business cards- You never know when you need to get your number out to a parent, substitute teacher or teaching partner.

3. Selfie Light- I post a lot of pictures to our classroom Facebook page. This little 8$ selfie light really helps to enhance the picture quality for parents as keepsakes.

4. Stapler- You'll always need one.

5. Sunglasses- Again, you'll always need these. This will also help you with squinting and wrinkles during your many recess duties.

6. A notebook- I like to have a notebook to keep a constant "to-do list" and ideas for Teachers Pay Teachers. I always think of ideas at the worst times and never remember them. This also helps.

7. A nude color lipstick- Great for impromptu meetings, conferences, pictures, etc.

8. Hydrating chap stick- For cold weather and endless talking

9. Downy Wrinkle Release- This is a lifesaver! If your clothes get wrinkled, just sprints a little on them and shake them out, wrinkle-free! It also smells great!

10. To add to #9- a fresh, citrus perfume, deodorant, Shout Wipes- These are great for emergencies.

Don't forget cash and change for everyday essentials! Also get yourself a comfortable bag that wont hurt your back! I hope these tips help! Make time for yourself, teaching is hard work!

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