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Rustic Farmhouse Classroom- Joanna Gaines Style

The rustic/farmhouse classroom style is a big trend. The colors are very neutral with burlap, chalkboard, shiplap, and wood accents. You can add a pop of color with greenery or turquoise. You can shop these items directly from my LiketoKnow.It Page or my Amazon Favorites.

Here are some of MY picks for the perfect Rustic/Farmhouse Classroom...

Rustic Classroom Decor Set- This bundle is perfect because it includes alphabet posters, number posters, banners to say anything, nameplates, Growth Mindset posters, schedule cards, and learning objectives.

Black and White Stripes- I love this clean and simple pattern. It really can go with anything.

Greenery- I love Eucalyptus leaves and leaf branches. They add a little color to your design. You can get garland and use on bulletin boards, or put some fake branches up in vases.

Mix Patterns- Mixing buffalo print, checkered print, lace, metals, etc. Can add to the theme of the classroom. Don't forget to incorporate lot of WOOD!

Flexibility Seating- You can use floor cushions, metal chairs, wood benches, floor poofs, and tall tables.

Cohesive- Keep it consistent. You can find many things in the Rustic theme. There are pocket charts in burlap. You can put supplies in metal pails, you can teach on chalkboards, and find posters in theme. Don't worry if you teach little kids and feel this isn't the bright/fun classroom theme... Your student will appreciate the theme and effort you put in!

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