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Let's Go To The Beach!

Insert the smells of coconut, lemon, and sunscreen. Insert care-free fun and keeping our makeup fresh. These are some summer items you will love! Click on any product to shop and pruchase!

The first is this clear plastic purse from Amazon. It's cheap and easy to carry everything you need. It comes with a small bag for inside. Great for the beach or pool.

Next we have the Black Vivienne Sunglasses from Quay. These are reasonably priced and look great with every outfit. They have a bigger fit to hide your face, or show off a pretty hairstyle.

This is a great product to save your hair from heat damage. It's Redken Pillow Proof. This is a blow dry spray to dry your hair quicker than using more time with your hairdryer. Smells great and gives your hair volume. Also helps to hold curl.

To go with this is Ouai Leave-in Conditioner. I like to use this product before I get in the pool. It protects my hair from chemicals in the pool. It also helps to brush wet hair after getting in the water. It helps with damage. I love the smell of this product.

I love this product to replenish my skin and give my skin hydration. Plus the smell is amazing. This is Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask. I like to use this at night. It's not greasy or oily.

This product is great too! This is Coola Makeup Setting Spray with SPF. I love this product because I can do my makeup and spray a setting spray with SPF on my face for all day protection. This helps with sun damage. It's not oily or greasy. Great for all day wear. This product is pricey but well worth it for Summer!

I love this bath product for summer. It's not really for the beach, I just feel the smell is summery. Plus it also creates big bath bubbles. This is Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath and Shower Gel. Smells great and works well.

This is another great face product for all-day wear. This is the Elf Blotting Spray. It's a great makeup setting spray or a spray to control oiliness throughout the day. It helps with sweating and dryness in the summer heat. It's also very cheap!

You might know I am obsessed with these hair clips. They are super cheap and you get a lot of options. Great for ponytails or glamorous looks.

I love these keychains from Anthropolgie. They do not make this style anymore but they have similar ones.

I love this Keychain Coin Pouch from Louis Vuitton. It's expensive but I use it for lots of things. I attach it to my keys when I am going somewhere quick, or I attach it to loops in my jeans. It holds cash and about 5 credit cards. Great for many things!

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