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I'm Starting This New Thing...

So I've heard this funny saying.. "I have clothes, but not outfits!" It's so TRUE!! How many people out there have clothes but can't put together outfits?! I am starting a new thing.. I will take one random item and create some outfits. So please give me ideas of more items to piece together!!

The first one will be..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


So here we go...

1. Jean shirt and black jeans. I like to tuck in my jean shirt and roll my sleeves. You can wear a fun belt, necklace, or bra and show a little skin. This is perfect for work or a night out.

2. I love stripes, especially this tunic from Amazon. It is fun to wear a jean shirt unbuttoned and opened. I like to do this for work or church. The jean shirt is almost like a jacket!

3. Stepping out the comfort zone, I love this 2 different jean colored combo. You can mix dark and lights, black and denim, or even try to match the colors. I paired it with a nude heel. I would wear this to brunch or shopping on a Saturday.

4. Okay, so I wore this to a holiday musical performance. I needed something quick and semi dressy. I paired it with heels to fancy it up! I kept the sleeves buttoned.

5. I'm reaching here. But I did this for some Sunday shopping on a cold day, and I loved it! You can wear a jean shirt under a Crew neck sweater and have the collar and sleeves show. I paired it with leather leggings.

6. So this is my favorite vacation-travel hack. I like taking a Cami or spaghetti strap dress and covering up with a tied up denim shirt. This way you can adjust with the temperature. It can also take a dress that maybe isn't work appropriate and make it wearable to work!

7. So with this one I mixed it up. I added a different texture pants. These are velvet cropped pants. I think a bright color of pants would be fun too. I also added a pearl necklace. I think a statement necklace would be fun with this too. You can wear heels or flats and wear to work, this would be great for holidays or work parties.

8. Typical teacher outfit.. for me at least. I paired the denim shirt with a long cardigan and maroon pants. I made the outfit a little more casual by adding loafers. The colors are earth tones. I think this would be great with leggings too. Wear it anywhere!

9. Stretching here.. I love these high wasted pants from Abercrombie. I think denim shirts work well with white jeans or white pants. I tucked this in because they were high wasted and had a belt. I also rolled up the sleeves. Another casual outfit to wear anywhere!

10. If you made it here, thank you! I am coming back to this striped tunic and leather leggings. This is plain and simple, just tie your denim shirt around your waist. I love doing this with tighter pants, or as a way to tie colors together in an outfit. It's a simple way to spice up an outfit.

Thanks for reading! Share your outfits with me on Instagram @alysonjordan

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