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How To Be Productive

Yes, that's me on a Sunday afternoon in my PJs.. stop judging!

Monday is coming quickly and you are not prepared. Some people are more productive than others. Some people are more organized than others. It's hard to get motivated! Here are some helpful tips to start your week off fresh and relaxed.

1. Set a plan- I am the queen of "To Do" lists. They are everywhere! But nothing gives me more joy than crossing something off my list. I already feel productive. Here are some FREE Downloadable To-Do Lists to help you.

2. Get your grocery shopping out of the way. I like to order my groceries first thing Friday morning. Then I pick them up, or have them delivered Friday after work. My grocery shopping is done for the weekend. Spend the extra money to have them delivered, or stop by the store. The store is always packed on Saturday and Sunday. It will help you plan your meals and eat healthier for the weekend. This could be a fun date night too!

3. Layout your clothes. My mom always made me do this when I was younger. I am now very thankful for it. It takes the stress off Monday morning. Knowing what you are going to wear creates less stress, less thinking, extra time to not be rushed, and more confident in yourself.

4. Wash your towels and your sheets. I know this seems silly. But nothing is more relaxing than fresh towels and sheets. This also helps to keep germs away so your family doesn't get sick. It's a small pick-me-up, but one more thing off the list.

5. Do something for yourself! I say this more and more the older I get. Self care is so important. Self care is personal. Only you know what you like to do to relax, have fun, smile. I like to take baths, do face masks, deep condition my hair. I also like to go to the movies, eat some junk food, and have a girls night. Whatever works for you.. DO IT! It will help you to relax and start the week off fresh!

Now go ahead and get started! Get your week started off right! Make your to-do list and self care! Don't forget to download your FREE to-do lists! -AJ

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