Hey Batter, Batter.. Knock Your Sporting Event Outfit Out-Of-The-Park!

One of my most searched things on Pinterest is finding outfits for sporting events. In Cincinnati we have the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals and FC Cincinnati soccer. There are many games to attend. Let's not forget the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, where I went to college. For these games, you want to look and comfortable. Game days are long but fun. Here are some outfit ideas I have come up with over the years. I am going to use a red and black color scheme. I did not get into mascots.

FIRST- I would consider your team colors, mascots, and time of event. What will the weather be like? I say mascots because if you are leopards or tigers you can play off prints in your closet.

SECOND- I would pick out your shoes first. Do you want to wear tennis shoes or are you seeing the game from a suite and wedges will be fine!