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Going Somewhere... Let Me Help You Pack

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Traveling is such a privilege. It is nice to have a vacation planned. It can also be stressful thinking of luggage space, outfits, planning, etc. I am here to give some tips and make your packing seamless. These are my personal tips and tricks on things that have helped me with business tips and personal trips.

1. Plan and over plan- Remember this "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I am an over-planner. So what I like to do is write down my pack list ahead of time. This way I don't forget anything and I can see what I need to bring. I have attached a FREE PACKING LIST to make your planning a lot easier.

2. Try on your outfits- I know it sounds silly but it helps to visualize the outfits you will be wearing. When you try on your outfits, don't forget belts, accessories, shoes, undergarments, etc. This way you will pack everything that is needed and not over pack unnecessary items.

3. Work together- When I travel for work a lot I wear a lot of black. This way I only have to bring 1-2 pairs of shoes. Pack similar colors. If you do black bring black, brown bring brown. You can save space if you don't overlap colors. If you are going somewhere warm bring 1 jacket that you can wear multiple times. Pack gold or silver jewelry.

4. Carry the heavy items- Heavy items are your liquids, shoes, jewelry, belts, and electronics. I try to carry all of these things in my personal item. I bring a bigger purse and only pack the things I need. I pack my soaps, makeup, jewelry, iPad, and curling iron in my personal item. This is heavy to tote around the airport but it's worth it having the extra weight in my suitcase.

5. Wear your bigger items- I am always cold. Traveling I like to wear jeans, a jacket, and tennis shoes. This way the heavier items are on me when I am traveling. I can also use my jacket as a blanket or pillow on the plane.

6. Don't over do it- I have so much makeup. I really try to consolidate items before I go. I use similar makeup colors and have easier looks when traveling. I clean out my purse and don't take unnecessary items. I don't bring "I might wear this" outfits, everything is planned out ready to go! I also don't pack multiple workout outfits, a pillow, lots of jewelry, multiple pjs, hair dryer, hair styling products, alcohol, and shoes that I won't wear. I like to take one pair of shoes and create 2-4 outfits with these shoes.

7. Buy it there- If I am going on vacation, I like to set up a driver when arriving. This can even be an Uber. I have them stop at a store. I like to get bottled water, snacks, magazines, alcohol, a hat, beach towels, sunscreen, etc. These are also things that take up space. I try to not spend a lot of money but these can come home or get left behind. Prices of these items will also stay the same in other cities. It will save you money stopping ahead of time, than purchasing at a resort.

8. Be safe- Don't forget medicines, contact solution, spare pair of contacts, glasses, etc. Also make copies of your driver's license and passport. Keep an extra credit card and spare cash in a safe place in the hotel. Make sure everyone in your party has access to travel plans. I cannot tell you how many people lose their ID or passport and can't get home.

I hope these tips help you with your vacation packing. Enjoy your trip!

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