Get Out the Glitter

True story.. I was dreading "getting out the glitter" this school year. I have never been scared to dive in to hands-on learning, or to let my students make a mess. It doesn't scare me. I ask myself.. Can my students handle this? Do I have the energy for this? Remember what happened last time? The answers are: no, no, don't do it.

Then what did I do? I drank my coffee and pulled out the glitter. It's not always glitter.. as glitter, I am referring to anything hands-on and messy. This year, it was "Jitter Juice". Juice that contains 200 calories made from Hawaiian Punch, Lemon Lime soda, and sherbet ice cream. Students drink the punch and then we graph if they liked it or not. It's messy, packed with sugar, and guaranteed for at least one person to spill it. I even purchased color-changing straws. It was summer time, and I was fully rested and tan. Don't judge me.

I have dreaded this all week. So I did it. I made three pitchers and I listened to the little voices asking me questions. "What is that?" "Do we get some?" "Will we get 2 cups