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Fun and Creative Valentine's Day Cards


What kid (or adult) doesn't like making a paper airplane. These are on my TPT website. Just print and fold and FLY! It comes with directions and a video on how to make, very easy for little ones.

HEART EYES I love these heart sunglasses. You can get them at Target, Amazon, or Dollar Tree. Kids love wearing them. I have FREE TAGS that you can print out and easy pair with the sunglasses!


Who loves a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe? EVERYONE! I made these FREE tags that are available on TPT. You can bag these up with buttons, candy pieces, conversation hearts, or scented markers, gel pens, etc. You can print as many copies as you need!


I love these POP things from Dollar Tree. You get 4 in a pack. You step on them or throw them and they blow up like a balloon. They are very fun and cheap! Print the tags to go with them.


These are my favorite and what I give my students. We learn about matter in science. I like to give them a SOLID toy, LIQUID bubbles, and balloon for their GAS. They love playing with the objects. It's a fun and educational valentine!

Other Ideas

I love these heart molds from Dollar Tree. They are great for melting chocolates or crayons.

Bath bombs are also a big hit.

Smelly markers and gel pens my students love too.

Also candy, animal erasers, slime, and bouncy balls are kid favorites!

I have FREE Tags for any valentine gift! Happy Valentine's Day! I love that you read my post!

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