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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy- Open House/ Meet the Teacher Night

Want to have a FUN, STRESS FREE, EASY Meet the Teacher Night or Open House? Here is everything you need. I have also included some simple steps to help you set up stations. To shop this BUNDLE CLICK HERE!

1. Send home a NOTE- I like to send home postcards or a letter to let families know:




What to bring

What to expect

2. Create a WELCOME banner- This will increase engagement and let families know where to go.

3. Have families SIGN IN- This way you can remember who came and what family members were there.

4. Get INFORMATION- I like to have my students fill out a STUDENT INFORMATION FORM and STUDENT INTEREST FORM. I don't rush parents on these things. I like to get to know them.

5. TRANSPORTATION- Getting kids home on the first week of school can be tricky. I like to be on the same page with families on how kids are getting home.

6. INTRODUCE YOURSELF- Hand out a Meet the Teacher LETTER, or post a Powerpoint with facts about yourself. This way families can get to know you and your style.

7. ASK FOR DONATIONS- I like to set out some extra donations cards. These are extra items we need in the classroom. I usually ask for extra cleaning supplies, wrapped candy, popsicles, and indoor recess games.

8. GIVE A GIFT- Gifts are my LOVE LANGUAGE, it's also a nice gesture. I like to set out Lemonade, water bottles, Crystal Light packets, Iced Tea packets, etc. I also like to give the students a Lei. Our classroom is beach themed. They can wear this to school on the first day.

ENJOY meeting your kiddos and spending time with their families! This should be an exciting night! Rock your Open House or Meet the Teacher Night!



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